About Gwendolyn C. Jones – Registered Nurse, BA Theology, MA Theology

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I am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Wholistic Nutrition and Body Types.   I am a native Washingtonian currently residing in Maryland. As a registered nurse for over 30 years, my experience in the medical field expands from a medical/surgery nursing, radiation oncology, homecare, management, parish/faith community nurse coordinator, to marketing and sales.

To my surprise, I was diagnosed with type two diabetess over thirteen years ago. Initially, my doctor prescribed diabetic pills, but over time, my prescription changed from pills to taking 60 plus units of insulin a day. I was a Diabetic out of control and struggling with the notion that I was taking insulin to manage my sugar levels. This became a defining moment for me concerning my health. Choosing the journey for a ‘healthier me’ led to living a healthier lifestyle.  My body is still healing and repairing itself; however, the good news is I no longer take 60 units of insulin.

As a result of my lifestyle change, I lost over 40 pounds and reduced my dress size from size 14 to 6, while maintaining my healthy life.   My metabolism was reset, fatigue and mental fog relieved, blood pressure and cholesterol greatly improved, and I lost 40 pounds of FAT because my body was changed from the inside out.  I achieved successful results because of an amazing health and wellness program.  My age is 61 years old, but I feel 25. As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Wholistic Nutrition and Body Types, my goal is for others to experience success by optimizing and maintaining good health while improving their quality of life.

You too can live a healthy and energized life.  Eliminatebellyphat.com will help you create and live a healthier you. I will design a program with and for you that will meet your health and wellness goals. This is an educational program designed to help you learn and know what your body needs. As you journey to make a change in your lifestyle, I will teach you why you are feeling the way you feel and what is preventing you from reaching your health and wellness goals.  You will grow and learn how to permanently change your lifestyle for a better and healthier ‘You’.

During the consultation, I discuss a wholistic approach to help you meet your health and wellness goals.  The Eliminatebellyphat Program is designed to address root problems and is individualized, and tailored specifically to your body type, metabolism, and hormones with, of course, a strong emphasis on identifying where you hold ‘stubborn fat’.  As a bonus, you will get wholistic nutritional education on how to shop and prepare whole food, how to reduce stress, how to properly exercise for your body type and as well as tips on anti-aging as an added bonus.

Remember, the goal is not to lose weight to get healthy, but rather to get healthy first from the inside out and the weight is automatically lost! Following the Eliminatebellyphat Program provides you with a wise choice to change your lifestyle, optimize your health, maintain your desired weight and improve your quality of life for an all-in-one better and healthier ‘You.’


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