My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic over 6 months ago. I tried everything to lose weight. Gwen taught me how to shop at the grocery store and how to prepare my meals. I finally developed an appetite for baked instead of fried foods. I also drink the green drink everyday. I lost 15 pounds. I will continue on this program, it is really working for me.
-Penny Smith

I started working with the program two months ago. I lost 30 pounds. I was having severe allergy reactions all over my body. The allergy problems are gone and I feel great!
-Leon Brown

After having my third child I had put on over 30 pounds. I had a really hard time getting the weight off and I didn’t have the energy that I use to. After trying many different weight loss methods I decided to work with Gwen. I was surprised after 2 weeks when the weight just started melting away. The best thing was I began to get my energy back to keep up with my three kids!
-Tameka Kave